Visits & Tours

Maidenhead Mosque is one of the most unique and recognised buildings in the Royal Borough. Throughout the year the Mosque hosts visitors from various organisations & establishments who travel from all around Berkshire and the Thames Valley.  We receive a large number of visitors from schools, colleges and universities wishing to find out more about the workings of a mosque and the Islamic faith for projects and studies.  We also have a number of faith-based groups, organisational visits and tourists who visit the mosque wishing to further their understanding of Islamic lifestyle and worship.

A normal visit consists of :

  • A short welcome, introduction & explanation of the external features of the mosque.
  • Small talk in the main prayer hall
  • Tour of the internal features of the Mosque
  • Brief video presentation
  • Q&A or discussion session combined with a mini exhibition on Islam
  • Light refreshments & activity sheets are also provided for visitors

Risk assessments can be provided or undertaken by members of staff prior to the visit.  A tour guide team (DBS cleared) is available to cater for groups of various ages.

Maidenhead Mosque is available to book for visitors throughout the week (except Friday).  Average visit duration 1-2 hours.  Please provide prior notice of at least 2 weeks for a visit in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Maidenhead mosque warmly welcomes visitors from any background who wish to learn about Islam or about the Mosque, we have thousands of visitors travelling from near and afar.  All visits are FREE of charge, whether it is one person or 100 people.

>>>>To arrange a visit: Email or Phone  07773 230413<<<<


  • ‘I really enjoyed my visit, an amazing building, it was a once in a life time opportunity’ Ellie Jenkins
  • ‘I learnt so much from my visit, thank you so much, it was so interesting, the mosque was awesome’ Arthur
  • ‘Thanks for the memorable visit to Maidenhead Mosque, it gives me a boost about Islam being educated by a real muslim.  The detail of the mosque was exquisite, the imported door and the carpet was luxurious, I really want to come again’          Will Barker
  • ‘When I arrived I was amazed at the beauty of the mosque. the doors amazing! When we got inside I thought the mihrab was beautiful.  I feel very priviledged to see everything’ Lucy O’Donald
  • ‘I found the talks amazingly interesting and really made me think.  I learnt alot and couldnt stop talking about it when I got home.  I will treasure the experience forever.  Thankyou for the eye catching prayer mat it is beautiful and a heart warming gift.’ Bethan
  • ‘I liked the door from Pakistan it was really pretty, I thought the hand carvings were absoloutely amazing.  I loved the colour of the dome.’ Max Hall
  • ‘The trip was really interesting and everyone was really kind and helpful to us.  I enjoyed seeing the mihrab and six clocks!  The doors displayed such exquisite craftmanship, I was amazed when I first saw them, the inside was so clean I was astounded! What a pleasure.’ William Haynes
  • ‘After the visit I felt like I wanted to go back in there.  I really liked the carpet becaude it was also my favourite colour and I liked how it was placed into sections.’ Sasha Ashcroft
  • ‘Thankyou for guiding us and to the Imaam for talking us through the prayers, I felt so good after I came back! Best wishes to everyone at the mosque.’ Annaliese Parker
  • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the atmosphere, I was amazed how clean and organised the mosque was.  The Imaams talk was really interesting and the Quran was fascinating!’ Jude
  • ‘Thankyou for organising a wonderful trip to the mosque, it was amazing to see everything.  I really loved the mihrab and it looked extremely beautiful and the tiles were fantastic. The mimbar was grand and lovely.  The Imaam was very interesting and taught me things I did not know.’ Hannah Delo
  • ‘It is the most beautiful place I have visited, I very much enjoyed learning about the teachings of Islam.  The carpet was amazing and the door was lovely.  It was such a great opportunity.  Everyone we met was so kind, we couldnt stop talking about it all the way home’ Phoebe
  • ‘Thankyou so much for showing us around, its so beautiful with the ornate tiles and beautiful carpet imported from Turkey.  It was so calm and peaceful.  It was so interesting to learn about Islam because it is a fascinating religion.  The mosque doos display such beautiful craftmanship’. Jamie Chick

‘I am writing (rather belatedly) to thank you sincerely for our visit to Maidenhead Mosque in November.

Please pass on our thanks to the two gentlemen who hosted our visit. They were extremely knowledgeable and clearly very experienced at dealing with groups of inquisitive children. The Brownies had so many questions to ask and they learned so much during their visit (as did some of the adults.) Thanks also to the gentlemen who had their prayer time interrupted by the procession of small children. We have now completed our “Discovering Faith” badge and our visit to the Mosque was a very important element of this.

Thank you again.

Jo Wetenhall
3rd Marlow Bottom Brownies’


I had a wonderful afternoon, enjoying the warm welcome and having the chance to see afternoon prayer and read the excellent information panels on display. The food was delicious!

I do hope that you’ll repeat the open day because I think that it will make a really powerful impact on community relations in Maidenhead.

Thank you once again for your superb hospitality.

Best wishes
George Fussey

Thank you for inviting me. I thought the day was a great success and everyone I spoke to agreed that the event was well organised and felt very welcome. I look forward to working with the mosque in any other future events.
Many thanks

Kind regards.
Peter Murkin

It was a pleasure to come along and be a part of the event and to mix with like minded people who want to build good relations. I am happy to support the Mosque in any way I can and will see you soon.

Many thanks to you all
Jason Miller

Thank you for your email. It was good to have the opportunity to attend your open day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and, in particular, the tour of the mosque.

Kind regards
Marion Mills

Greetings to you from the ladies at St Mary’s,

We would like to thank you so very much for the wonderful welcome you gave us when we visited the Maidenhead Mosque yesterday morning.  We were deeply touched by your kindness to us and so appreciated your warm hospitality and your willingness to answer our many questions.  We all felt we came away with a greater understanding of Islam, especially gaining greater insights into Moslem prayers and daily life in the mosque.

We are all very touched by your gift to each of us of a copy of your Holy Book the Quran.  We look forward to being able to explore its pages as till now we have only been able to look at excerpts from it.  Thank you too for the lovely prayer beads.

We would love to have an opportunity to welcome you to St Mary’s.  It would be a joy to show you around and tell you more about our Christian faith.

 With best wishes and many thanks,

Sara, Alison, Heidi, Jo and Liz.


Thank you so much for welcoming the 1st Maidenhead Brownies to the Mosque last night.

It was such an informative evening and I could tell the Brownies were interested as they asked so many questions!

It was a privilege to see the call to prayer and then the Imam lead the prayers. The adult leaders learnt as much as the Brownies did and I have told everyone about it today!

It really was a fascinating evening. The Mosque is such a landmark of Maidenhead and I am so pleased to have been able to visit.

Please also pass on my thanks to everyone who made us all so welcome – what a friendly place it is! Look forward to coming back again sometime.

Very best regards

Sally Worman
Brown Owl
1st Maidenhead Brownies