The Mosques offers weekday after school Islamic classes for young children to learn and recite the Holy Quran. Timings have been implemented to allow the children to freshen up and rest after they finish school so they can focus more attentively when they arrive.


Registration is taken promptly of all pupils. Any pupils arriving late are marked as such and are expected to catch up on missed work. Pupils returning after an absence are expected to catch up on missed work.

Children are designated a class according to their ability to read with correct pronunciation.

The classes for junior pupils are taught in a collective class environment with individual assistance at intervals which allows for enhanced teaching and Insha’Allah with your corporation we will achieve successful results.

The pupils are required to adopt an Islamic dress code when attending the Masjid.

Boys will be required to wear a white Jubba with a black Cap.

Girls will be required to wear a black Jilbab.


Maidenhead Mosque has recruited a highly respected and qualified teaching team.

The teaching staff are available at the end of every lesson to discuss any issues you may have regarding the progress of your child’s education. Any other issues should be referred to the education committee.